Brian, the orchid guy

"Orchid Growing Basics" is now available on DVD.

Welcome to the world of orchids. Watch Brian, the orchid guy, as he shares with you his knowledge on growing orchids. Discover Brian's secrets to growing orchids while watching his hands-on demonstrations, done in real time.

Learn the answers to your most-asked questions:

  • What is the #1 reason why orchids don't bloom?
  • How do I repot my orchids?
  • How do I treat snails, mealy bugs and scale?
  • Do I need to fertilize my orchids?

Orchids are for everyone. Learn from Brian's years of orchid-growing experience. Discover the joy of getting your orchids to bloom again and again, year after year. Brian, the orchid guy, has been growing orchids in the San Francisco Bay Area for over twelve years and has been a regular guest on Henry's Garden show on KRON-TV, Channel 4, since 2001.

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